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Born in 1954 in the family of a Distt.& Sessions Judge. Apart from the above studies, I am technically well read about many chronic health problems and impart free guidance for their Holistic relief & Management. I am also well read in Spiritualism, Astro-physics, Applied Psychology, Social Psychiatry, Mass Communication, Philosophy, etc. I also remained Astro-Columnist with Hindustan Times for some time. I have a wide range of clientele India & abroad.

Future Forecast : There is no doubt that forecast is a Science, but its methodologies are widely different, that is, vague, fair/better and best. People have Sanjoga with some particular soothsayer also – he may be v.good with some people for a predetermined time but for other people, he may come out to be a bad/wrong/useless soothsayer. Telling past & present accurately is NO guarantee that future will also be accurate (mostly, such fortune tellers are not internally confident how to tell future time-period – so they avoid it , and take support of impressive language , display / show off & magical upayas/remedies that finally fail). Such methodologies are only VAGUE . Level of “Fair/Better” future forecast is when the event comes out to be correct in 60% of Questions,  in the remaining 40% Questions, the predicted Time-period or event goes badly wrong. Level of “Best” future forecast is – when people with any type of destiny/fate come to the fortune teller but his statistics of future prediction accuracy remains in between 85 to 95% on the whole. Its a “Really” tedious work. It requires numerous calculative & judgemental permutations & combinations based upon precise methodologies.

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